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Mario 250ce0b3a0 Revert "sync private local comments which will not be catched in Receiver.php comment()" 2 weeks ago
addon_common/phpqrcode addon_common 2 months ago
adultphotoflag move adultphotoflag feature to photos 6 months ago
authchoose Update Mod_Authchoose.php 2 months ago
b2tbtn move b2tbnt up a little to make space for another button 2 years ago
bbmath add known maintainer (or "none") to all addons 3 years ago
bookmarker plugin_install -> plugin_load 2 years ago
buglink github to framagit transition 10 months ago
calc update calc to new addon module class 3 years ago
cart Updates backported from OSADA cart implementation 4 months ago
cavatar provide prebuilt grayscale kitties for default_profile_photo() 11 months ago
channelreputation Fix settings page location 1 month ago
chess do not look for games if we have no game_id. this drastically reduces initial page load time. 2 months ago
chords Provide examples of even more mid-2016 Hubzilla code constructs within the chords addon 2 years ago
content_import new addon: content_import subsumes/obsoletes hzfiles 1 month ago
custom_home fix custom_home for new perms 2 years ago
deliverynotice do not save empty postopts 1 month ago
diaspora Revert "sync private local comments which will not be catched in Receiver.php comment()" 2 weeks ago
dirstats remove superluous ) 1 year ago
donate syntax error diaspora and remove beardyunixer from donate targets as he is no longer involved with the project 5 months ago
dreamhost move dreamhost hack to addon 2 years ago
dwpost Fix app_installed test 2 months ago
emojione use em for emoji size so they will scale with the fonts 1 year ago
extcron issue #657 2 years ago
flashcards Rename menu to List Boxes. Animate refresh button. 5 months ago
flattrwidget convert flattrwidget 2 months ago
fortunate static App 3 years ago
frphotos frphotos: that should be maxversion 1 year ago
fuzzloc convert fuzzloc 2 months ago
gallery fix issue where items were not scrolled to there correct position if justifiedGalleryActive flag was true 1 month ago
gnusoc Update Mod_Gnusoc.php 2 months ago
gravatar Fix URL and use z_fetch_url() 1 month ago
hexit add known maintainer (or "none") to all addons 3 years ago
hilite preg_replace e modifier deprecated 1 year ago
hsse require local_channel 1 month ago
hubwall Remove errant $1 string in sender name of hubwall.php 1 year ago
hzfiles Fix missing _load/_unload functions 2 months ago
ijpost Update Mod_Ijpost.php 2 months ago
irc convert irc 2 months ago
jappixmini convert jappixmini 2 months ago
keepout "keepout" plugin 3 years ago
ldapauth ldapauth: optionally auto create channel 10 months ago
libertree Update Mod_Libertree.php 2 months ago
likebanner updated likebanner 2 years ago
ljpost Update Mod_Ljpost.php 2 months ago
logrot logrot - don't throw an error if another server process renamed the logfile before we got to it. 2 years ago
mahjongg deprecate $a->get_baseurl() 3 years ago
mailtest new plugin mailtest 2 years ago
mdpost Capitalize filenames for consistency and minor issues 6 months ago
metatag static App 3 years ago
morechoice static App 3 years ago
moremoods add known maintainer (or "none") to all addons 3 years ago
morepokes static App 3 years ago
msgfooter provide footer bbcode 3 years ago
noembed works! 3 years ago
nofed Update Mod_Nofed.php 2 months ago
notifyadmin Updated notifyadmin addon description 1 year ago
nsabait Update Mod_Nsabait.php 2 months ago
nsfw Update Mod_Nsfw.php 2 months ago
openclipatar openclipatar: we really don't need all the extra detail for each image. Just the photo and 'use this'. Leaving the name since that can be searched. 1 year ago
openid use xchan_store_lowlevel 2 years ago
opensearch move opensearch to plugins 2 years ago
openstreetmap openstreetmap: check validity of lat+lon before rendering a map 4 months ago
pageheader Update Mod_Pageheader.php 2 months ago
photocache Use NULL_DATE on initial local links creation 3 weeks ago
phpmailer require_once for phpmailer autoloader 1 year ago
piwik static App 3 years ago
planets Update Mod_Planets.php 2 months ago
pong make into an app 2 years ago
pubcrawl revert adding additional receivers to pubcrawl comments. there is some potential for loops and it does not scale very well. 3 weeks ago
pubsubhubbub remove limit clause from dreport update query 3 months ago
pumpio Update Mod_Pumpio.php 2 months ago
qrator make qurator and totp use the same lib and move common to addon_common 2 months ago
queueworker Fix: 'config' not locked with LOCK TABLES 1 month ago
rainbowtag Update Mod_Rainbowtag.php 2 months ago
randpost add item.uuid to relevant places 5 months ago
redfiles get rid of get_app() 2 years ago
redphotos get rid of get_app() 2 years ago
redred Update Mod_Redred.php 2 months ago
rendezvous Update rendezvous_group.tpl to fix broken Bootstrap library reference 5 months ago
rtof Update Mod_Rtof.php 2 months ago
sendzid Update Mod_Sendzid.php 2 months ago
skeleton Update Mod_Skeleton.php 2 months ago
smiley_pack add known maintainer (or "none") to all addons 3 years ago
smileybutton Update Mod_Smileybutton.php 2 months ago
startpage Update Mod_Startpage.php 2 months ago
statistics not certain why .well-known/nodeinfo worked at all. Possibly only some php versions. 11 months ago
statusnet Update Mod_Statusnet.php 2 months ago
std_embeds uninteresting change 11 months ago
superblock Update Mod_Superblock.php 2 months ago
testdrive null date fixes for addons 2 years ago
tictac static App 3 years ago
torch add known maintainer (or "none") to all addons 3 years ago
totp make qurator and totp use the same lib and move common to addon_common 2 months ago
tour re-add tour plugin with MaxVersion 2.0 1 year ago
tripleaes add aes256gcm authenticated encryption plugin 2 years ago
twitter Update Mod_Twitter.php 2 months ago
twitter_api make fedilab happy 1 month ago
upgrade_info fix wording 6 months ago
upload_limits add known maintainer (or "none") to all addons 3 years ago
visage convert visage 2 months ago
webmention ignore "Block Public" permissions on outbound plugins which don't require site access 8 months ago
wholikesme static App 3 years ago
wppost Update Mod_Wppost.php 2 months ago
xmpp convert xmpp 2 months ago
.gitignore Typo 5 years ago update readme 2 years ago


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